Artist Statement

My name is Nicole Dietterich and I am an Art Educator and Artist.  I grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, PA where I specialize in a variety of mediums.  I have over six years experience operating electric kilns.  I have attended numerous workshops in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area and have received recognition and awards for my artwork since 2004.  I attended Tyler School of Art at Temple University and hold a BFA in Ceramics and an Instructional I Certification: Art Pre-K-12th grade.

I am in my eighth year of teaching a variety of art mediums to elementary students.  I enjoy working with children of all ages and sharing my knowledge of the arts.  This position allows me to encourage students to build their confidence and feel successful at art. My professional history includes positions as an art teacher at various independent private schools, summer camps and the Mural Corps Art Program of Philadelphia, PA through Tyler School of Art.  

Exploring texture in natural forms from the environment, I have found a desire to work in a variety of applications.  I enjoy creating abstract, organic forms in clay, wood and mixed materials.  Inspired by nature, I enjoy being surrounded by the outdoors while I work.  I find a comfort and inner sense of peace while I am crafting in the natural element.