22 October 2013

I was on hiatus. But now I'm not.

So yeah. I've been on a break. Obviously. There have been no new posts in ages. Yes, I get that it's not like I am a super-duper regular post writer person in the first place.  I think that I want to schedule myself soon though. Maybe. I was in need of a day where I wasn't stressing about how to write a post, when to write a post, or what to write in a post, a day (or two or twelve more or so) to just be broken and beautiful, and a day to be successful in my mothering without trying to write about it. A day to be wife to my dear husband without trying to figure out how to tweet about it, or write about it. And many days to fail like crazy at everything all at once, definitely at the same time. Boy, am I bad at being a grown up. I've been fudging it for a long time and I'm trying to get it together -- whatever "it" is.

(also: by adding the above graphic, I feel like my "hiatus" was official or something. ha.)

A week or so ago, I teased about a post-in-progress on IG, Twitter, and FB -- I'd like to get it to you, and to get the rest of the words out of me. If you don't follow me on those, please do!  While I struggle with writing regularly here, I do, in fact, manage to squeak out pictures and a few words on occasion via other social media platforms. Click the little buttons to the right of this post (the ones that took me hours to put on the blog. Seriously, it took me a couple of hours to figure it out myself, but gosh darn it, I did!) They'll get you to where you need to go to follow or like or whatever. I look forward to you joining me in those places, too. 

I do hope that my words tonight find you well, and gosh, if they don't because you are struggling with life's stuff, know that you have my thoughts and prayers -- and know that even in the struggle, there's grace to be found.  Truly. 

blessings! and joy!
nicole marie


  1. Being a grown-up IS hard! So glad you're back writing - I'm looking forward to more ;)